In this article there will be causes of low testosterone, symptoms of low testosterone, what to do and a number of banned drugs that I will give my opinion on. Keep it, buddy.

Here we go.


  • high estradiol
  • high aromatase
  • low-fat diet
  • high insulin
  • bedtime sugar.
  • You are not 18-25 years old
  • fatty liver
  • alcohol
  • medicines
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure



  • low libido
  • prostate enlargement
  • loss of muscle mass
  • collagen loss
  • flabby skin and rye
  • decreased enthusiasm for life
  • hair loss
  • man boobs
  • high voice
  • worthlessness
  • fatigue
  • concentration problems
  • thyroid problems


WHAT TO DO to raise testosterone and eventually lose weight:
*actually, here cause and effect are interchangeable: lose weight and raise testosterone; raise testosterone and lose weight.

So, what to do;

  • zinc
  • stg
  • protein
  • strength training
  • intermittent fasting
  • kale, broccoli, cabbage.
  • indole 3 carbinol
  • reduce cortisol
  • sleep
  • sunshine
  • vitamin d3
  • selenium
  • yohimbi
  • contrast shower
  • Sauna, bath, heat exercise
  • speed running
  • martial arts
  • eliminate sex and masturbation.
  • lower prolactin.
  • lower hspsg.
  • Get your thyroid fixed.
  • maca peruana
  • catuaba
  • magnesium
  • tribulus
  • arginine



  • clostilbegit
  • hhg
  • anastrazole
  • aromasin
  • omnadren
  • sustanon
  • nebido
  • propionate

I am not a supporter of prohibition and have never tried it – what is above in this paragraph is easily found on the internet on the subject of testosterone. Many of the speakers you watch are on this and even stronger preparations, while quietly leading courses to increase testosterone, libido, male spirit for normal men, boys, young men by natural methods. In short, they are lying to you!

Because the methods are very difficult for a person with low willpower, obesity, lack of discipline, unsettled life, no money, killed hormonal background, alcoholic and a miracle woman next to him.

Well, and since such people are the majority, the courses of such bearded gurus (who put themselves at the mercy of these preparations that increase the test by 20 times compared to conventional methods) are sold out at a hurry.

Because the weak always reach for the strong.

Except these people have no power. There’s nothing inside. But the veins are full of current! Guys, don’t be stupid – run away from them – in the long term you will be as bad off as they are.

Let me paint a different picture, a real one. When you increase the test by natural means:

  • you still have a job.
  • Relationship
  • children
  • stress
  • Working out has to be crammed in somewhere.
  • You’re eating the wrong things.
  • Sleep less than you should
  • You forget to rest.
  • You haven’t been in the sun in a while
  • You’re thinking about making money
  • # You don’t live in a villa #
  • You wake up to an alarm clock
  • ♪ there are diseases ♪
  • and bad habits

Well, how can you not look in the direction of an easy improvement here?

Shit, yeah, I’m a douchebag, a bore and a boring citizen, because I’m building strength inside, mental toughness, inner core. And that’s fucking longer, harder and more unpleasant than throwing in/injecting pharma and pretending you’re all cock-dominator.

I mean, there’s the eyes of a five year old girl with the body of a gorilla-baboon-yufci-champion gorilla!

Fuck knows if you’ll feel my lines or not, but the hard way is the right way, and this whole “I’ll go see what’s out there, try it out, get a feel for x10, and then be myself in the naturahu” thing doesn’t work.

Someday those pills won’t be around. Or there won’t be enough of them. Or you won’t be able to find them at the right moment. Or whatever. What are you gonna do then?

We’ve been living in such conditions for several years now, where you can’t rely on anything at all and you can’t look at anything with 100% certainty.

You can only look to yourself. Only on your strength inside. Only on your core. Only on your character that you will pull through, despite the fact that it is scary, unpleasant and you don’t want to take it all on.

Life teaches everyone, but someone on the head and for a long time, and someone gives a chance to just NOT APPLY TO THIS SHIT EVER, NO MATTER WHAT JUDGES WITH THE CYCERON’S RED-HANDEDNESS AND THE CHARISM OF THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE.

Remember – you have one and only you, and increased testosterone makes you do all sorts of nonsense because of increased self-confidence – you choose riskier stocks, invest in distressed assets, take on projects you can’t afford, and live with people you don’t need.

All because of one thing – YOUR EGO that wants results right here and now, but doesn’t want to refrain from eating, sex, masturbation, spending, traveling, pleasure, idle talk, dumb time.

Make the right choices, friend.

Look into the darkness, but don’t succumb to it.

The power is within, and nowhere else.

It all starts there.

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